As a student or researcher you need to ensure you understand the rules around intellectual property (IP) in the university.

There are some very clear definitions and guidelines on the university Intellectual Property page:

“In the University context, IP can be viewed as the results and outcomes of research. As with other property, there may be commercial value in IP, which may be realised via various routes, including licensing or selling intellectual property rights (IPRs).”

If you think you have some IP related to your work, the first step is to contact Oxford University Innovation and they will be able to advise you on next steps. There is a great section on their website that explains the commercialisation steps.

There are many others ways for researchers to use their research. The Research Support pages of the University website shows the range of things the university can help you can do.


Support for researchers Oxford University Innovation: IP, patents and licensing Intellectual property office: IP tutor

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