Welcome to the site.

Enterprising Oxford is being developed at the University of Oxford to help encourage and promote entrepreneurship, by providing an easily accessible way for students, researchers and staff to find out about and to take advantage of any local entrepreneurship events and training, and to encourage more multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial collaboration.

We are collaborating with Isis Innovation, The Oxford Launchpad and KEIT in the University  to provide a practical source of information, with a focus on basic information and resources, events and training, real life stories, and profiles of startups, spinouts, sole traders, and SME’s from the Oxfordshire area.  By providing resource maps, workspaces and networks, we are aiming to highlight the support and opportunities available to our students and researchers.

Enterprising Oxford has been designed to show our students and researchers what entrepreneurship can be, but it is open and available for anyone to use and benefit from.