Harry Hall is the founder of UniCups (now OneCup), a startup aiming to eliminate single-use coffee cups and food containers on university campuses. These plastic-lined products create huge amounts of waste and are very difficult to recycle. By embedding RFID chips in a reusable cup they can be tracked to an account, when a staff member/student buys a coffee, he/she will have to ‘borrow’ the cup by scanning their ID card.

This scheme compliments the already secure library system all universities have, the cup is added to the library account, just like a book from the library would.

When they are finished they return it to a collector and it’s taken off again. Unicups can then collect and wash the cups to be reused again, for a fee. If the cups are not returned in 48hrs a small fee will be charged to the account.

Harry Hall is an Oxford Brookes student and has gained funding to trial this scheme at his University in the first week of July for three days (Tuesday 3rd to Thursday the 5th). After proving the concept, he will be applying for more funding to develop and expand. Eventually, he sees this business working in all Universities and large institutions that already have ID cards for their staff/students.

It’s always seemed like a great challenge and a way to push yourself. When I found a solution to a much publicised problem I knew I had to give it a go.

Someone who watches the world intently, sees problems that others do not and can creatively find solutions.

I knew immediately the concept was good and needed to be done, took several weeks of talking and thinking it through with others to know it was good enough to develop the approach decided on.

Courage, imagination, Grit.

Taking every challenge or argument against the idea and finding a solution so to keep going.

Richard Branson because he’s Dyslexic like me, always wanting to try new things, worked on companies he believed in and enjoyed the process of creating more than making the money.

How do you find people to work with who you can trust and know are as passionate as you are?

Not thinking big enough at first.

Money from Brookes Enterprise Support Awards

Brookes Enterprise Support Awards

Oxford is beautiful and inspiring with lots of students and academics wanting to help to improve this world.

Oxford Brookes Enterprise, The British Library – Business Support

Don’t regret not trying.

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