Investor Pitching Fast Track

Connect Harwell

A 2-day Investor Pitching Fast Track workshop, specifically designed to take you from zero to comprehensive pitch deck able to withstand investor scrutiny.

Introverted Entrepreneurs Programme (Deadline to apply: 30 June)

Would you like to leverage your strengths as an introverted entrepreneur? Whether you're a quiet entrepreneur or an extroverted introvert, the following programme is designed with the busy student and professional in mind, 15 min daily, for the ultimate empowering experience.

EC Summer Sessions: Founders agreement essentials

The Oxford Foundry

Key tips for protecting your legal position in your founders' agreement. Dos and don'ts, common mistakes and how to balance setting the right course of keeping investable but commercial.

Marketing Camp: Get to grips with TikTok

Marketing Camp is a fun, friendly, free meetup designed to help you up your marketing game. This month get stuck in to the fourth session in our Social Summer series, where we'll be learning all about how to succeed on TikTok.

Cyber Security Awareness


Stay updated on the latest cyber threats and have a greater chance of preventing attacks on your business.