Problem Solving for Innovation

Horticulture House Chilton OX11 0RN

Einstein said "If I had an hour to save the World, I'd spend 55 minutes exploring the problem and five minutes on the solution"

April Satuccino & Expert Clinic

Satellite Applications Catapult, Electron Building, Fermi Ave, Didcot OX11 0QR, UK Fermi Avenue

Join us for the Satuccino at the Satellite Applications Catapult for our industry-leading networking event!

Level up Your Performance as a Business Owner

Business and Intellectual Property Centre Oxfordshire (BIPC) Queen Street Westgate OX1 1DJ

Explore the science-backed strategies and daily practices to do well in business this year and stay sane in the process!

OT (Oxford Technology) Investor Presentations

Oxford Technology offers investors the opportunity to make direct follow-on investments into one or more of our portfolio companies raising additional capital.

Marmalade Festival

Festival filled with talks, workshops, film screenings, performances and everything in between.