Impactful Careers Panel – Human Rights, Sustainability, and More

Queens College Oxford High Street, Oxford

Announcing our Careers Panel Fundraiser! ūüĎć Hear from our panellists about their experiences in the intersections of consulting, law, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and finance! All proceeds from the event will go to the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme which supports female survivors of war through vocational training. ‚̧ԳŹ ūüďćQueen's College Oxford, Shulman Auditorium ūüďÖ 27 […]

UK Catalysis Hub Winter Conference 2022

Harwell Innovation Centre Building 173, Harwell, Oxon

On the¬†29th and 30th of November¬†the UK Catalysis Hub will host its annual winter conference and networking¬† meeting.¬† The Conference will take place at the¬†Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire. The event will be a¬†hybrid event¬†so we will have the option to attend virtually for those who can't attend in person. Please choose a virtual […]

Thinking like your Customer will lead to Business Success


Where you are creating value? You may have a great product or service, but have you thought about it from your customer's perspective?   Overview Do you know where you are creating value? You may have a great product or service, but have you thought about it from your customer's perspective? Customers choose one product […]

Get Social Procurement Ready!


Learn how to sell your product or service, secure larger contracts, enter a procurement process and grow your social impact business. Now, more than ever before, large companies are looking for opportunities to procure from businesses and suppliers that can demonstrate a commitment to positive social or environmental change. But how do you make sure […]

How to build lasting business connections in 60 seconds


Did you know that it takes 15 seconds for someone to decide whether they are interested in speaking with you after an initial introduction? Only 15-seconds! That's not a lot of time at all! First impressions therefore count. And in a world where attention spans last only as long as it takes to read the […]

Sustainability Network and Support (Cohort 1)


Who is this Network and Support programme for? Building on the success of our¬†Women in Business¬†and¬†Scale up Network & Support¬†programmes, we are delighted to be able to add a¬†Sustainability-focused offering¬†for our clients looking to develop sustainable credentials as part of their commercial growth strategy. Sustainability doesn't have to be this huge regulatory burden, looming on […]

Celebrating 1000+ UK B Corps and the start of the festive season

The White House by Tap Social - 38 Abingdon Road - Oxford OX1 4PD - United Kingdom

Join B Corps and other champions of business as a force for good in Oxford in celebrating a major milestone in the UK B Corps community Oxfordshire+ B Local: Celebrating 1000 B Corps in the UK on 1st December Over the last year in the UK, we have seen huge growth in the UK B […]

All-Innovate Final

Sa√Įd Business School, Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre - Park End Street - Oxford OX1 1HP - United Kingdom

The Entrepreneurship Centre, Sa√Įd Business School, wants your support to cheer on the All-Innovate finalists! All welcome!

“Scale up and Investment readiness” Power Hours


Are you looking to raise capital and engage with investors to grow your business? Obtain critical and specialist investor readiness advice. The Power Hour sessions are aimed at growth businesses seeking to scale up their business. You may be asked to confirm this is the case for your business ahead of the session. You will […]