Innovation Festival – Begbroke Science Park

University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park - Begbroke Lane - Begbroke OX5 1RN - United Kingdom Begbroke Lane

Begbroke Science Park, launchpad for some of Oxford’s best-known research spinouts and home to several cutting-edge MPLS department labs, is hosting an Innovation Festival to celebrate its achievements to date and showcase environmental sustainability and innovation across the OxCam ARC region.

Sustainability Cafe: Sustainable Food Systems

Flo's - The Place in the Park - Rymers Lane - Oxford OX4 3JZ - United Kingdom Rymers Lane

Exploring the role of short local supply chains & community wealth building approaches in social enterprise for sustainable food systems.

Marketing Camp: Get to grips with Facebook

Marketing Camp is a fun, friendly, free meetup designed to help you up your marketing game. This month get stuck in to the third session in our Social Summer series, where we'll be learning all about how to succeed on Facebook with Daisy Rose, The Content Queen.