Robert Thong, Co-Founder & CEO of MultiOmic

6 February @ 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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[Unlocking precision therapeutics for metabolic syndrome with data-driven multi-omics: A conversation with Robert Thong, Co-Founder & CEO of MultiOmic]

Where and when:
6th February 2023 at St Catherine’s College Arumugam Building, Oxford

Metabolic syndrome encompasses related diseases as Type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and more. Collectively, they are estimated to affect 3.5 billion adults worldwide and place immense burden on healthcare systems. Each of these diseases are complex and multifactorial, yet current treatments do not reflect this. Unravelling the interplay between genetics and the environment, will be key to a future of personalised treatment for these diseases.

MultiOmic aims to achieve this by leveraging numerous -omics data sources, such as genomics; epigenomics; transcriptomics and more, to uncover what causes each of these diseases. By discovering causal pathways and increasing our understanding of these complex diseases, it seeks to pave the way forward to personalised treatments for metabolic syndrome.

Robert Thong is the vastly experienced co-founder and CEO of MultiOmic with >30 years engagement in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors. He has engaged with >100 organisations in these fields with a focus on R&D strategy and has previously published on biotech business models and R&D alliances in the biotech sector.

Join OUBT for an evening of conversation and networking with the CEO of this exciting new London-based startup. Pizza and drinks will be provided.


6 February
6:00 pm
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