Marketing with a Mission Masterclass: Routes To Market

16 March @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
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How to maximise the impact and return of your routes to market

In this session you will learn about the ‘4 Ps of Marketing’ and the importance of optimal ‘Place’ and ‘Price’ for your product or service to maximise the impact and sales of your organisation.

Pricing your offering is one of the key ways your enterprise can bring in the money needed to prosper (and all the possibilities this extra money can enable you to deliver your purpose). In this workshop, we will identify the different routes to market your business might choose and how best to price your solution in each of these cases. In this session you will learn:

  • What the 4 Ps of Marketing are and why place & price are integral to your success
  • How to price your products or services
  • How to identify your different routes to market
  • How to use place and price to maximise your impact and return

This session will be an interactive workshop, where you’ll be able learn from experts, and get feedback and support from peers.

Who is it for?

Social entrepreneurs who want to better leverage the social or environmental benefit of their business or organisation to drive growth and scale impact. You might run, or work for, an indie business, social enterprise or trading charity in Oxfordshire.

These workshops are designed to help you leverage your social & environmental impact to raise your profile and drive engagement.

The sessions:

  • Wednesday 23/11/22 – Content Planning with Purpose – defining your purpose & creating content that supports your vision & mission
  • Thursday 08/12/22 – Marketing & impact – how to communicate impact to inspire and spark action
  • Thursday 19/01/23 – Community building – how to build sustainable relationships with your stakeholders that help to grow your enterprise
  • Thursday 09/02/23 – Purpose driven PR – an introduction to PR for purpose driven businesses
  • Thursday 16/03/23 – Routes To Market – how to maximise the impact and return of your routes to market with Julie Macken, Co-Founder of Neve’s Bees

Julie Macken, Co-Founder of Neve’s Bees

Julie and her daughter, Neve, are beekeepers and the owners of Neve’s Bees. They make 100% natural skincare (using ingredients you can actually read!) with a little help from their bees. All of Neve’s Bees products are made in Oxfordshire and contain only pure and natural plant oils and butters blended with wild crafted beeswax. No unnecessary water and the subsequent ‘chemical’ emulsifiers, preservatives, fillers and other ‘nasties’ used in most high-street brands.

Prior to setting up her own business, Julie has worked in international product management and strategic marketing for over 30 years.


16 March
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
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