Finding a co-founder can be very tricky.  It’s often hard enough to find someone who you can work with, let alone finding someone you can work with and who know what they’re doing.  But with a bit of patience, and helpful hints, hopefully you’ll be on your way to a great partnership.

So where to start?  Look nearby: friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends, people you meet at networking groups.  Check out our page on networking groups to meet like-minded people.

Once you think you may have met someone, think about these questions:

What can I offer them?  What can they offer me?  These questions will ensure you have complimentary skill sets, and that as many gaps are filled as possible.

What is their background?  Have they done this before?  Having experience working in or with startups is a very good quality in a co-founder.  Not a necessity, but very nice to have.

Do we have a shared vision?  This is important.  If a co-founder does not share your vision, there could be problems later on.

Can I trust them?  How well do you know the person you will effectively be spending A LOT of time with in the near future?  This also ties in with having a shared vision.

And always trust your gut.  Startups can be a lot like marriage. . . make sure you are very happy with your co-founder as you will be with them, through thick and thin, in sickness and health, ’till (maybe not) death do us part!

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