Dong Xie worked as a programmer/research assistant at Oxford University for 12 years. During the time he has worked on various projects covering microarray/gene expression databases, genotyping databases, phenotype informatics, and high speed sequencing. He designed a Cloud based batching solution on Microsoft Azure for processing large datasets long before Azure Batch. He then moved to the industry and worked on migrating legacy finance systems onto Cloud. Later working as consultant he designed a Container-as-a-Service product for one of the European Cloud providers.

He now runs a small software company based in Oxford named CodeRobin. The star product is Code Reader+, the One and Only – Git integrated Source Code Reader in Microsoft Store.

I have been a programmer for 20+ years.
The reason to become an entrepreneur: I found out how difficult it was to fully utilise my Creativity and IQ when you work for others.

Not being scared of having no money in pocket for the next meal.
Not being scared of uncertainty.
Trying to use your Gift to the maximum.
Change the World, or Go Home. – Borrowed from Microsoft at Ancient time.

The idea is not important, whatever idea you’ve got doesn’t matter. It’s always the uncertainty of giving up a highly paid job and be on your own. Once I overcame that fear, I just picked one project idea from my list, thinking I can finish it in one year, in a super optimistic way.

Well that’s on the philosophical side. Tech wise, my idea is to create a Source Code reader for the programmers, and I’m the programmer I’m targeting, so you save all the effort of requirements gathering stuff, and having the shortest feed-back loop while developing it.

I’m not yet a successful one. I can only list 3 to continue to be in the game:
1. Persistence
2. Live a simple life
3. Exercise

Using my Creativity without limits.

In some way, lots, in some way, none.
It’s always Hard Working + Opportunity, we can only learn from other’s great spirit, but not copying how they succeed.

Bill Gates used to be my role model, but seeing what he is doing now. I might ask him, Why?

Didn’t work hard enough.
Need to be good at action, especially you know you got to do something, and you didn’t.
Need to be logical with your own reasoning.

With my own savings.


I like Oxford because it’s such a small city, with long history. People came from all over the world.

Meetups? Not much idea.

To new entrepreneur? Persistence is everything.


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