Being able to pitch is an essential part of any entrepreneur’s journey, and becomes more and more honed and practiced as time goes on.  But without a great pitch, many entrepreneurs will not able to get their startup off the ground. James Caan, of Dragon’s Den fame (and an entrepreneur), writes three main points for a good pitch: eye contact, be confident, and relate to your audience.

So what are the elements of a good pitch?

  1. Get their attention immediately.  They will remember the first and last things you say, so make it count.
  2. Follow a logical path.  Be consistent in your approach. . .don’t jump around on various thoughts.  Make it easy to follow.
  3. Practice.  The more you have rehearsed, the better you will be.  Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Relax and breathe.  Make sure you’re not too tense.  Push a wall: stretch your muscles, which will make you calmer and more centred. Calm breaths will help you to focus, slow down and be clear.
  5. Wait a few seconds before speaking.  This again helps to focus, and gives an air of authority.  Just don’t wait too long!
  6. Show your passion and be yourself.  If you can show that you believe in it, and have bought into the idea, others will see that too.  Be yourself, which will enable you to be the most authentic.

The more you pitch, the more you will be able to do these things.  Take a look at some of the videos to get an idea of some great pitching videos.


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