When under-used Barclays spaces became available in 2015, we decided to repurpose them to create an incubator community for startups and entrepreneurs. We call these spaces Eagle Labs and we have over 20 of them all over the UK. They’re built to give you access to the right people, knowledge, and opportunities to scale and succeed.

We’re a launchpad for those with the ideas to change the way we do things. So, if you’re a startup, investor or corporate, our Labs offer entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses coworking and office space, innovative tools, curated events and the right network to innovate and scale.

Barclays has partnered with The Oxford Trust to support entrepreneurs and innovators in and around Oxford.

Based at The Oxford Trust’s Wood Centre for Innovation, located on the outskirts of the city at Stansfeld Park, Headington, the Eagle Lab is a flagship for early stage science and technology companies aimed at supporting spinout scientists, university graduates and entrepreneurs in their quest of unlocking innovation and business potential.

With a range of support services, including access to expert mentoring and funding opportunities, we can help scale up your business.

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