Sio_smallWelcome, and good luck!  Read on to find out who can apply, and what the benefits will be.  Don’t forget, applications close on 23 October 2020 at 5pm BST!

What do you need to apply?

You need to:

  1. Have a link to Oxford(shire) to apply, such as:
    • You are a member of University of Oxford or Oxford Brookes University (student, staff, or alumni) or are part of an Aspect programme
    • Your company is based in Oxfordshire (you do not need a link to the universities if this is the case)
  2. Be pitch ready.  This means you are further along than just an idea – you should have a presentation ready to show potential partners, advisors or investors. You will need to upload a video link to your pitch, as well as a logo, as part of this application.
  3. Have an ask – what support do you want from attendees?  Do you need connections, expert advice, mentorship?  Are you looking for people to employ, or a space for your startup to grow? Make sure you are explicit in your ask, and don’t just focus on the cash – there will be plenty of ways you can get support if you ask.
  4. Be an active participant – this means answering requests for information and content for your stand at the event, and being available for as much of the day as possible.  While we do not expect you to be “live” all day, you should try and have someone available to ensure maximum engagement.

There will be a briefing meeting before the event on 2 November 2020, where you will have the chance to ask any questions and meet the other companies exhibiting.  This is mandatory to attend; at least one team members needs to attend or else you will not be able to exhibit.

There are five streams  you can apply for: Early Stage (pre seed, few customers), Growth (some funding and customers), Student (must be a current student of University of Oxford or Oxford Brookes University), Social Impact, and Started in Oxford (your business must have been started in, or is currently located in, Oxford(shire).

What’s in it for you?

As an exhibitor you will get:

  1. The opportunity to showcase your company to a large worldwide audience, across the Enterprisng Oxford platform and via its connected networks and partners
  2. A chance to win prizes, including cash, access to networks, experts, mentors and collaborators, and support packages
  3. To meet other companies exhibiting, from a range of sectors and stages
  4. Exclusive access to VIP guests, including senior executives, investors, and key connectors in the Oxford entrepreneurship ecosystem

Applications close at 5pm BST on 23 October 2020


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