RisingWISE is an established Oxbridge network inspired by EnterpriseWISE: designed by women, for women and delivered entirely by women. It is tailored specifically for early career researchers who identify as women or non-binary and are working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in both academia and industry. Additionally, each year we welcome a small number of DPhil students who are nearing the end of their studies and are thinking about next steps.

We are aware that weekend participation could be difficult for those with caring responsibilities. As such (and although the programme is run on a limited budget), we would welcome discussions as to how we can support families and help facilitate your attendance on the programme – please contact us for more information on mlps.enterprise@mlps.ox.ac.uk.

In the course of completing this application/registration form/membership form/document, you have provided information about yourself – please read our privacy policy for information on how we use your data.


RisingWISE Application
To which gender identity do you most identify?
Race or ethnicity
Do you need any special access arrangements or assistance and/or help with child care provisions to enable you to participate in the programme?

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