Agile Lab at the University of Oxford, Begbroke Science Park
A shared space to develop and commercialise scientific research.

The Agile Lab provides pre and early-stage chemistry and engineering-based start-up companies space to develop proof of concept and prototype studies. Agile Lab tenants become part of a thriving dynamic hub and benefit from the interaction with other start-ups and businesses based at the University of Oxford, Begbroke Science Park. This entrepreneurial atmosphere can open unexpected and rewarding avenues in the application of new technologies and provide insight and connections into the UK funding landscape. There is a vibrant extremely good value coffee shop which buzzes with activity throughout the day and is a good place to strike up ad-hoc conversations with other innovators.

A full list of Begbroke Science Park technical services can be found here.

As one of our recent Agile Lab tenants put it: –
“The Agile Lab has been great to help us start….as it has provided a thriving environment with the most cost-efficient lab space in Oxford”.

Since 1999, over 30 University of Oxford spinouts have benefitted from the flexible, affordable space provided by Begbroke Science Park, many moving on to larger units within the centre. The site team at Begbroke are uniquely placed to understand the challenges faced when transitioning a business from research to industry and provide an environment that allows physical science spinouts to thrive. Significant growth is planned at the Science Park in the coming years so it’s a great time to join this incredible, innovation community.

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