How often have you thought to yourself, “I wish I had my own business”?  Many people dream about how good it would be, being their own boss with the money rolling in.  But those who have taken the plunge know all too well how difficult setting up and running a business can be.  Yet somehow, entrepreneurs are able to use their mindset and perspectives to their advantage.

Here’s a quick checklist of ways of thinking, from that shows you could be an entrepreneur.

  1. Challenges are opportunities.  Running a business can be filled with setbacks, obstacles and challenges, but if you act negatively, you will only slow your own progress.  Entrepreneurs must face each challenge head on and have a “glass is half full” attitude, using each obstacle as a stepping stone for growth.
  2. Use competition as research.  Entrepreneurs learn to use competition to their advantage, studying how they are doing things, whether they are successful or not, to learn, adapt and grow.  Using your competitors experiences will help you make your experiences better.
  3. Everything requires effort.  Starting and running a business is hard work.  Entrepreneurs must be aware of the demands and pitfalls of running a business, and are constantly re-evaluating their goals and ambitions as their hard work starts to pay off.
  4. Good enough.  Entrepreneurs must be willing to accept that things are “good enough”.  While it is important to ensure the big picture is solid, spending valuable time perfecting the minutiae of the business will result in wasted time.  Perfection is the enemy of progress.
  5. Big things come from many parts.  Breaking down big projects or goals into bite size pieces.  Instead of looking at “marketing” as a whole, breaking it down into things like blogging and social media will allow for a more concise and successful marketing strategy.
  6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Successful entrepreneurs make mistakes. . .and learn from them.  Celebrate failures as a stepping stone to success.  If you spend all your time avoiding making mistakes, you will never be able to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.
  7. There is no magic bullet.  Entrepreneurs make their own luck. Years of hard work and passion allow for the great successes often seen in the news.  The best ideas require a lot of thought, care and attention, and entrepreneurs know that they can’t expect things to just magically happen or appear.
  8. Get an outsider’s view.  Entrepreneurs need to be able to communicate their ideas clearly, but also to listen and take advice where necessary.  Having an outside opinion helps entrepreneurs to refocus their business model if necessary, and often give a different perspective.
  9. Be disciplined.  For an entrepreneur, this is a pre-requisite to success.  You have to be prepared to do what is necessary to make it work, in all aspects of your life.
  10. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.  For most entrepreneurs, particularly when starting up, there is not distinction between “home life” and work life”.  You live and breathe your business, and your (business) survival depends on it!

So having the right attitude and mindset will help you grow as an entrepreneur, and make the best possible environment for business success. Good luck!

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