Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck

So you've mastered the art of pitching. . .or at least the talking part.  But what about the presentation?  Here's a few good tips for creating a fab pitch deck:

  • Have a big vision, then make it 10x bigger.  If your solution will solve a small problem in one country, highlight how it will solve the problem across the world.
  • Explain in detail how you'll use the money.  Try to be as specific as possible, with as much detail as possible on return on investment (ROI)
  • Know your metrics.  What's working, what isn't (and how you will fix it).  
  • Have a short main deck.  30-60 slides max, with about half those being supporting details.
  • Showcase your talent.  Having good people in your venture will enable the company to grow. Promote this heavily.
  • Outline the problem you are trying to solve. How did you find it?  How will you solve it?  How will the capital raised help this?
  • Show your progress  Where are you with your product already?  Give examples of how it is being used, whether it is profitable or not.
  • Pitch, polish, repeat. Listen to the questions after your pitch and try to answer them in the next version.  Pay close attention to feedback.

There are many great example of fab pitches, so have a look at the links to see which ones you like most.